Nose Size Recommendation

Machine Type

Select the machine type using the radio option buttons:

Hydraulic Face Shovel
Mining Hoe
Front End Loader

Machine Selection

Next, click in the “Machine Make/Model” field and choose your machine info. (Type in the first few letters of the manufacturer name or the model number, drop down lists will appear.)


Next, select your application using the radio option buttons:

Heavy Duty (HD)
Site Geology Operations Maintenance
  • Well blasted material
  • Less abrasive, less dense materials
  • Lightest lip desired for production
  • Successful use of light weight GET in the past
  • Superior, well established maintenance practices
  • Frequent lip inspections


Extra Heavy Duty (XHD)
Site Geology Operations Maintenance
  • Denser more abrasive rock
  • Hard, un-blasted material
  • Difficult digging
  • Scaling, prying, chopping of un-blasted material
  • Repositioning excavator with bucket
  • Poor or newly established maintenance procedures
  • Desire for extend maintenance intervals
  • History of GET failures

Nose Size Recommendation

Selection Details

Machine Type Machine Make/Model HD or XHD